Cigar Review: Sancho Panza Belicoso

Awe, always killer to get a gift in the mail from a friend. Thank you George Cap for passing along one of your new favorite smokes- the Sancho Panza Belicoso from Cuba. Sancho Panza started waaaaay back in 1852 in Cuba. During the 1880’s, the Ramon Allones family purchased the factory and kept the Sancho Panza name in tact. To this day, they still make a great stick. Not quite as famous at the Monte or H. Upmann torpedoes that most are measured by, the Sancho Panza packs quite the punch and can easily keep up the either of the aforementioned brands. In fact, having done a side-by-side of the Montecristo #2 and H. Upmann #2, I can say that the craftsmanship seems to be better with the Sancho Panza. Where the Upmann and Monte can get a bit spongy and hot as they smoke, the Sancho Panza kept it’s solid feel all the way through. Watch the video below for more!



Restaurant Review: Lamppost Pizza

At 40-something years young, we’ve had our fair share of pizza and wings. This establishment, being in the work ‘hood’ of Andy, has been one of his go-to places for happy hour and after work cocktails for quite a while. Andy has become such a fan, he suggested we do a review of the joint to let you know what makes Lamppost unique here on the West Coast. Watch the video below for more!

Watch the video below for our review!

Super Easy Margarita On The Rocks

With national ‘Margarita Day’ (or Margarita Week, in my household) happening last week, here’s a simple way to say ‘summer, get here fast!’.

No flash in this one…if you aren’t in the mood to get all fancy with your ‘rita, here’s a simple way to make a delicious Margarita on the rocks! The most crucial parts are using a quality, real sugar cane (look for high fructose corn syrup and AVOID) and a quality orange liquor…no need to go Grand Mariner on this, but don’t get the cheap triple sec either.

Enjoy watching below:

Cigar Review: Gurkha Grand Reserve

One of us loves flavored or infused cigars, the other thinks most are crap, however one thing we can agree on is the fact that Gurkha’s Cognac Infused Grand Reserve is neither crap nor overly flavored. Watch our review on this elegantly packaged celebratory afternoon smoke!

Scotch Review: Glenfiddich 14 Year Bourbon Barrel

This interesting find is an excellent purchase at around the $50 price point. For those of us who don’t run to Scotch as our ‘go-to’ spirit due to the mustiness of the peat moss, this one starts smooth with some peat edge and then really opens up and gets sweet with the addition of a few drops of water. Watch out review for more!

Wine Review: Pujanza Norte 2009

Technically, ‘Rioja’ is both a color (red) and region of Spain. We explain in the video below that this wine, when put up against a Sonoma cabernet sauvignon has a more ‘rust’ like appearance. While this “may” be more typical of a rioja, we stated it as a fact of the wine when in reality, that was more ‘drunk speak’ than truth. In fact, this wine is a blend of  60% Tempranillo and 40% Garnacha, Graciano, and Mazuelo. While aged in oak, the Pujanza Norte didn’t have the oak flavor of the cab. At about $100 a bottle, the Pujanza Norte isn’t an everyday drinking wine, but it is a beautiful celebratory wine with big, soft tannins and a long finish. The site Grapes Of Spain has more, including snooty ratings of this wine!

Watch the video and hear more about this wonderful Spanish find, and thanks for sharing the bottle, Dave!

Looking for an amazing wine for under $15, check out this Sofa King Bueno: Chronic Cellars Wine Review!

The Best Hot Dog On The Planet?

So, there are hot dogs and then there’s the BAM DOG! No, nothing from Emeril Lagasse here…watch the video review on what Steve and his crew have re-created. I mean, sure the hot dog with added twist of chili and cheese or fresh tomato, bright green relish and celery salt to make a traditional Chicago Dog is great, but a Bam Dog breaks the mold.

Owner Steve from Bam Dog!

Think home made, sustainable local meat with no filler in their ‘dogs’ (more like sausage instead of that old scrap meat ballpark frank you might praise god about) surrounded by a pleathora of tantalizing toppings and homemade bun. THIS is what Bam Dog! is all about.

sampling of some popular Bam Dogs!

Watch the video for more!

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