Home Chef Home Delivery Review

There are some unique differences between Blue Apron and Home Chef. Here are the biggest ones:

  1. Blue Apron is more interesting, utilizing non-traditional methods, meats, spices and overall ideas. Many meals included a curry paste or Indian inspiration. Home Chef appears to be more ‘American’ in style (think meat and potatoes).
  2. Blue Apron ships in much bigger boxes with larger freezer packs, in fact they are about half the size of Home Chef.
  3. Home Chef meals take between 25 and 45 minutes to prepare, from package to plate while Blue Apron averaged 40 minutes to an hour plus to prepare.
  4. Either the food was just tastier or the portions bigger, but Blue Apron’s meals for two regularly fed three persons and there is rarely anything left over when we make meals from Home Chef.

Check out the reveal and start to finish entree cook by watching the video below!

Mahi Mahi On A Himalayan Salt Block

We love trying different cooking techniques and here we try out the Himalayan Salt Block. Some questions came to mind before we even began:

  • Will it cook properly?
  • How long will the block hold heat?
  • Will the salt from the salt block permeate the entree?
  • Will food stick to the block?


There were others, but those were the first to come to mind. We paired this Mahi Mahi with a wonderful white wine from Paso Robles:



Watch the video below to see our dish and rock review!

South Texas Style Fajitas!

So, you want to make authentic, spicy south Texas style fajitas but don’t know where to begin? Let me throw down some logic!


First a few important items to note: 1) Flank is much better, albeit more expensive than skirt. If using flank, it will tenderize fairly quickly (24 hours max). If you over marinade, you’ll be left with somewhat mushy meat. If you are using skirt, that’s cool too, however give it two days. 2) Fiesta brand seasoning is the absolute best. Do not accept imitations! 3) Do not follow the instructions on the seasoning pkg. Not that they aren’t good, but simply because I’ve gone through the many years of trial and error and have found that:

  • When you pre-slice your meat prior to marinade, all sides get spice!
  • Beer makes everything better!

Alright, enough writing- let’s get to watching!

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Cigar Review: San Cristobal Quintessence

Another fine cigar from Ashton and the Don Pepin family, the new Quintessence isn’t for the faint of heart! This medium to strong cigar has a beautiful label and rich flavor throughout. Watch our review for more info before you get one (or more) to put in your humidor!

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Sofa King Bueno: Chronic Cellars Wine Review!

‘WOW’ is one word to describe this amazing, complex and inexpensive Paso Robles blend of five different varietals that make up the interestingly titled Sofa King Bueno red wine from Chronic Cellars.


Truth be known, my wife and I (Allison and Jave) visited this winery many years ago based on a tip from our friends, the SLO based Cork Dorks: We instantly became members! We found the winery to be an eclectic mix of tasting room and south-of-the-border bar that brought to mind the Cabo Wabo Cantina. Inside the tasting room we discovered a rock-and-roll soundtrack, pool table, hip fashion and the most bizarrely titled wine labels such as ‘Dead Nuts’, ‘Love Machine’, ‘Robyn Cradles’ and the now out of circulation ‘Mr. Nibbles’.


The winery was founded by the sons of the folks who own the lauded Peachy Canyon winery, also in Paso. Peachy is known for super-premium wines in the more traditional winery setting, so this was obviously the younger ones chance to do something complimentary to the family pride, however with their fresh new approach and attitude.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a few of the Chronic Cellars wines available at our local Costco here in Reno, Nevada and quickly snapped up a bunch.

Watch our full review:

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Wine Review: Scott Harvey 1869 Zinfandel

via YouTube

Watch our review on the Vineyard 1869 Zin from Scott Harvey. Now, you might say ‘I don’t like Zinfandel’, but perhaps you haven’t tried a deep, dark zin from the oldest vineyard in the country?

Soft, complex and jammy with a fruit forward nose, the 1869 is not only a nice wine proper for aging, but it is also quite the conversation piece!

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