The KFC Scented Candle A Real Thing?

The holidays are always a good time for scented candles, especially when you’ve got a fake Christmas tree or guests coming over for holiday parties and get-togethers. Most often, candle scents are quite pleasant, like vanilla, cinnamon, pine, sandalwood, et al.

Now I love a good fried food on occasion, but the thought of a candle smelling like old grease and chicken doesn’t really sound appealing, does it?


Today insists that this is a real thing, however you can only get it ‘down under’ in New Zealand. The merchandising geniuses at KFC recently had a contest whereby they asked fans to submit ideas for merchandising trinkets and trash, and it looks like this one (the candle) took the top honors. Other ideas included popcorn chicken lip balm and KFC toilet freshner (hopefully pre KFC, not post KFC indulging). What are your thoughts? Leave comments in the section below.

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Rib-eye…The Secret To A Great Steak!

We are meat eaters, plain and simple. Ribs, tri-top, fillet, brisket, beef, pork, chicken, fish- we love it all, but especially our red meat. Through trial and error we’ve found that the first secret to a great tasting steak is to start with a dry brine. What is a dry brine, you may ask? Very simply, it’s the process of dry salting your steak several hours before cooking.


Now, some might think that this will dry your steak out, leaving you with something that more closely resembles beef jerky than a moist, tender hunk of love. But trust me, this critical step does wonders to keeping the flavor going all the way through the cut and each bite when eating. The biggest trick is using spices that have little or no salt in them when you are ready to season.


The second trick to use, especially when cooking rib-eye is the ‘one-minute-flip’, a technique that while cumbersome, yields the perfectly cooked steak. Yes- it’s a pain in the ass to flip your steak once a minute for 8 to 12 minutes (depending on steak thickness and desire of doneness), but it leaves you with a steak that has that great char/crust line on either side and a nice middle without overcooking one side, leading to dry disaster. Check this result on a windy, cold night:


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La Aroma De Cuba- Monarch Review

I’ve had the pleasure of smoking more than my fair share of cigars over the years, thanks in part to the fact that my girlfriend (now wife) managed The Cigar Bar near the Quarry golf course in San Antonio when we were first dating some 20 years ago, and also due to my affiliation with The Cigar Station, the world’s first internet radio station programmed and designed for the cigar smoker in mind. Life has indeed, been good!

Not to take anything away from other brands (who shall remain nameless here), but I’ve often found that with many brands, some of their stuff I really love and some of their cigars don’t quite fit my smoking preference. This is NOT the case with La Aroma De Cuba. Virtually every one of their cigars has been dynamite! From construction to flavor to consistency through box, this is a brand that I don’t think I’ve ever not enjoyed.

No, I’m not sucking up here-we do this for love, not for money or free product (neither of which we’ve gotten). If you are looking for an affordable, amazing cigar to help you set the bar for the rest, La Aroma De Cuba may be just up your alley!

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David Akiyoshi 2013 Reserve Cab

Known as the ‘King of Lodi’, David’s wines are found almost exclusively on the user-funded Naked Wines website and wine club.

While the 2013 and 2014 appear to be sold out, there are some other David Akiyoshi wine’s available for you to try, and all at very reasonable costs, especially for a California red! Check out our review!

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Bizarre Candy Trick Or Bloody Mary Stir Stick?

Could be good, could be crap…how many times have you heard that when embarking on a new flavor. Here’s one for ya…don’t know that these ‘pickle canes’ are sweet or dill, but they do sound interesting.

Will you suck or swirl?


First you have to get the sonofabitch open! According to Cosmo, there’s a pickle flavored Candy Cane on the market. As a novelty, I’m sure it’s great, but from what we’ve read, you would need to add real pickle to get real flavor to your holiday martini.

Single Life, Brandy And Cookies Keys To Long Life?

Us ‘Doods’ believe in the mantra of ‘Everything In Moderation’. A nice cigar to take the edge off the day and lower blood pressure, a good sipping spirit, fun mixed drink, glass of wine and great meal with friends all help increase our happiness factor. That’s part of the reason for our hobby of doing review videos on just about anything, but mostly things we can do with friends.

The oldest woman alive was recently asked about her secret to longevity, which is one we may all ask ourselves. At 117 years of age, Italian Emma Morano has done and seen a LOT; living through three centuries (1800’s, 1900’s and now 2000’s), many times of war and peace. While she doesn’t really reveal much about her social life, she does attribute some of her longevity to the fact that she made the conscious decision not to be dominated by anyone after the death of her only child and divorce from an abusive husband back in 1939. She claims that her diet is restricted to two eggs, brandy and cookies, as she doesn’t have any teeth left to consume heavier foods.


Emma does not eat meat as she’s concerned with cancer (not sure where that correlation came from) and doesn’t invite people over, however they do come from around the world to visit the oldest woman alive today.

Check out the entire story and video here.


Top Eating Trends In 2016

Why are there so many pictures of toast? Redbook just released its ’13 Healthy Food…’ trends that supposedly ‘everybody’ was obsessed with in 2016 and toast is featured in the top 3, featuring avocado, ricotta and sweet potato leading the top of the heap for the…well, topping!


Now, when you think healthy eating, bread usually doesn’t come up top of mind. Maybe the good fats from the avocado balance out all the carbs in bread…or maybe it’s just wishful thinking- who knows? This much I do know- my wife is obsessed with avocado toast, so maybe there is something to this story.

The other interesting items include:

  • Zoodles- A veggie pesto pasta topped with stuff like roasted cherry tomatoes.

  • Matcha Desserts- Ok, I’d call this frozen yogurt made out of some foreign green tea leaf. Think the poop emoji but greener! Green tea = HEALTHY…uh, right?
  • Egg-ocados- Alright, this one looks like something to try. Hollowed out avocado skin with seasoned fried egg cooked right inside. Yes please!

  • Avocado Fries- C’mon, really? The good fat and the bad fat, all combined into one. I’ll stick with the french variety.

  • Avocado Buns- This one is just plain stupid. Think a healthy burger, made oh-so-easy to eat by replacing the burger buns with the two sides of a slimy, soft avocado. Just give me a salad with ground beef on top and we’ll call it even.

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