Bucanero Cigar Review

In the world of boutique cigars, it can be a crap shoot. Some can be good, some great and some downright awful. Check out our review of the Bucanero Z box pressed cigar with Bucanero rep (and Sax master) Rick Metz! This is almost a perfect square box pressed cigar, so big points for construction to start:

Thanks to the folks at Hatuey Cigars in Reno for allowing us to film in their amazing Cigar shop.


So, appearance aside, how did this cigar smoke? Here’s the proof!

Blue Apron And Naked Wine Review

Sorry, no nudity in this review! That said, check out our ‘One Dood And A Hot Chick’ (my chef) review of the service Blue Apron. We know there are several companies that offer a similar service: pre-boxed meals sent once a week that come with a step-by-step guide so you can cook (and learn new techniques) at home. Blue Apron is the first we’ve tried and so far, the recipes have been very interesting. Many of them tend to lean with an eastern flair (think Curry!) and some are just downright odd, like this bean and broccoli burger! Don’t let the pix fool you as the photos originally taken were blurred and we tossed the recipe because while good, it wasn’t one of our favorites.


Blue Apron costs us about $60 a week for three meals for two delivered by 10p (mostly) on the requested day. The veggies tend to be organic and sustainably sourced, however the protein portions can often be small, especially when it comes to chicken.

Note that these dishes are amazing, more often than not. However, each meal takes about an hour to prepare and cook, so you have to account for time. Blue Apron isn’t a huge money saver nor time saver, but it will give knowledge to the cooking curious in the family, so we take it as a culinary learning experience.

Enjoy the video and check out our Cooking page for more!

Arizona Stronghold Wine Review

Alright, maybe you are a fan of the rock band Tool and the oddities of frontman Maynard James Keenan. If you are, you may be aware that he owns a winery in Arizona. Is his juice any good? We got our hands on a bottle of his 2011 Cabernet and our review is below!

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Vodka Side By Side Blind Tasting

There are several styles of vodka for many different uses. Potato vodka, grain vodka, even molasses vodka have been sipped for centuries with Russia making perhaps the world’s best. Flavored vodka for use in your favorite sweeter drink, ultra-dry vodka for those yummy martini’s, even vodka used for cooking. Looking to make your very own herb extract? Vodka, due to it’s natural somewhat flavorless clean taste makes a great base to do a homemade tincture.


In the video below, we sample a few Texas vodkas along with one from Iceland called Reyka. How do they compete side-by-side? See for yourself!

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Drink More For A Healthy Heart

Science (and drunks) have long debated the positive effects of drinking a glass of wine, shot of a good spirit or even a pint of brew, but could it really help you prevent stroke & cardiovascular disease? Well it can, according to a study published in RT.

The study, conducted at Penn State U examined more than 80,000 healthy folks over a period of 6 years. Those who had a few drinks a day actually had lower in HDL (that’s the “good cholesterol” than those who abstained entirely, a good sign for those of us to enjoy a drink to take the edge off the day!

Of course, as we say- ‘everything in moderation’. Binge drinking or getting too ‘dark’ probably isn’t the best thing for your liver (or head)…but a little bit looks to help a lot!

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The KFC Scented Candle A Real Thing?

The holidays are always a good time for scented candles, especially when you’ve got a fake Christmas tree or guests coming over for holiday parties and get-togethers. Most often, candle scents are quite pleasant, like vanilla, cinnamon, pine, sandalwood, et al.

Now I love a good fried food on occasion, but the thought of a candle smelling like old grease and chicken doesn’t really sound appealing, does it?


Today insists that this is a real thing, however you can only get it ‘down under’ in New Zealand. The merchandising geniuses at KFC recently had a contest whereby they asked fans to submit ideas for merchandising trinkets and trash, and it looks like this one (the candle) took the top honors. Other ideas included popcorn chicken lip balm and KFC toilet freshner (hopefully pre KFC, not post KFC indulging). What are your thoughts? Leave comments in the section below.

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Rib-eye…The Secret To A Great Steak!

We are meat eaters, plain and simple. Ribs, tri-top, fillet, brisket, beef, pork, chicken, fish- we love it all, but especially our red meat. Through trial and error we’ve found that the first secret to a great tasting steak is to start with a dry brine. What is a dry brine, you may ask? Very simply, it’s the process of dry salting your steak several hours before cooking.


Now, some might think that this will dry your steak out, leaving you with something that more closely resembles beef jerky than a moist, tender hunk of love. But trust me, this critical step does wonders to keeping the flavor going all the way through the cut and each bite when eating. The biggest trick is using spices that have little or no salt in them when you are ready to season.


The second trick to use, especially when cooking rib-eye is the ‘one-minute-flip’, a technique that while cumbersome, yields the perfectly cooked steak. Yes- it’s a pain in the ass to flip your steak once a minute for 8 to 12 minutes (depending on steak thickness and desire of doneness), but it leaves you with a steak that has that great char/crust line on either side and a nice middle without overcooking one side, leading to dry disaster. Check this result on a windy, cold night:


Check out the video below for the full demonstration and also look into our ‘Cooking!’ page for more tips and tricks!

Oh, and here’s a link to that Chicken video too!

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