Miracle Fruit 360 Review!

Think of it as an acid trip for your tongue! Here’s the premise: one of these tablets, dissolved in the mouth will make anything tart, bitter or sour taste sugary sweet. Therefore, lemons become lemonade, limes become lime candy, fine Cabernet wine becomes a nice Ruby Port, Dijon mustard becomes honey mustard, etc. Here’s the actual fruit in the wild:


Believe it or not, this stuff actually works as advertised. Word of caution- it takes 30 minutes to an hour for the effects to wear off! Check out the video below for examples of us trying different foods and our natural reaction to what happened!


Halloween Candy And Wine

Two Doods Week In Review Top 5 4-28-18


In this episode, we make you feel old (or dumb if you are young), we upset the Trump haters, we please the Cosby bashers and we discuss how a naked man, oiled up and holding a sex toy ends up in your front yard at 2 a.m.! Plus, things we ONLY do on the weekend and not during the work week~ Cheers!

Interview: Rising Rock Star Dorothy!

It’s been a long ride, but it looks like Dorothy’s year is 2018!

Named one of the ‘Artists You Should Know’ way back in 2014 by Rolling Stone magazine, Dorothy’s early material never really lived up to the early excitement or hype? Fast forward several years, add some new band mates and utilize the help of the legendary Linda Perry to ‘get centered’, and a fresh, new, sober Dorothy is ready to take the world by storm with the release of the album ’28 Days In The Valley’.

Yes, these really are her lips (you’ll find out about the ‘lip comment’ in the interview)!


Check out the video below as us ‘Doods’ get down and personal with Dorothy, and find out if she’s now a steak & eggs or granola and mellon ball breakfast girl!

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Virginia City, Nevada Bloody Mary Tour


Listen in as we take you on a tri-pub tour of three legendary establishments in the historic Virginia City, Nevada while reviewing their unique bloody mary concoctions along the way! Stops include the famous Bucket O’ Blood, Red Dog Saloon and haunted Washoe Club. We’ll describe the unique differences between Bloody Mary styles (sweet, salty, spicy, bacon, spiced green bean, celery, etc.) and even get some cool VC history lessons along the way!

Listen to the evidence here!

Episode 13: Judas Priest Talk Tour And New Album


We caught up with Glenn Tipton, Ian and Richie to talk about the new album ‘Firepower’ from Judas Priest, what songs they hate to play live and what they might bring out of the archives for this tour and the controversy surrounding the use of synth on the Turbo album and subsequent hardening of the sound on Ram It Down.

Listen to the interview here!

St. Patrick’s Day Week In Review

We cover a myriad of topics in this episode, like the guy who went to court to prove that he was indeed alive…and LOST, steering wheels coming off Ford vehicles while driving, March Madness, magic mushrooms, St. Patrick’s Day traditions and why the ‘Doods’ hated what the girls loved when it came to Apple Irish Whiskey!

By the way, do NOT wish somebody the ‘luck of the Irish’ today, as the Irish had horrible luck, with multiple wars, poverty, disease, etc. over the years.

Instead, tell them to kiss your Blarney Stone!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from us Doods~

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360 Video Chat With Jonathan Davis Of Korn


Jonathan Davis, vocalist from the rock band Korn has a new solo album out. In our conversation, Jonathan shares what went into the making of the album and why it took almost a decade to be released to the public. Plus, what do the terms ‘felching’ and ‘Korn’ have in common? Find out below!

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Episode 9: Tres Cubanos Cigar Review


In this podcast, we do a 3-way cigar review of some nice Cuban cigars, including: Saint Luis Ray Regios (a robusto style cigar), Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 (also robusto style) and the Cuban H. Upmann Epicure, a small 35 ring guage cigar.

Both the robusto style smokes are highly (94+) rated cigars. The Saint Luis Ray had a more attractive build than the Juan Lopez with a more velvety touch (the Juan Lopez was a bit toothy and veiny). The H. Upmann had an incredible feel, however an overly tight draw.

All three cigars had that signature earthy, creamy, leathery Cuban flavor.

Revision Brewing Four Beer Review

Revision Brewing Company is taking the US and world by storm with their amazing beers, including the much lauded double IPA and Dr. Lupulin triple IPA!

revision 2

To say their IPA’s are amazing is an understatement. In under a year, Revision has already been named #3 New Craft Brewery in the world and, by default the #1 new craft brewery in the USA (#1 and #2 are both European breweries).

Revision is lead by Jeremy Warren, founder of the now famous Knee Deep Brewing company near Sacramento, California. Jeremy, a Reno, Nevada native decided a few years ago to sell his stock in Knee Deep and make the move back over the Sierra Nevada pass and come back home to Reno and try to create ‘magic in a bottle’ once again, this time under the name Revision!

Check out our 360 Live video review of the Blonde, Sparkle Muffin Hazy IPA, Revision Double IPA and Dr. Lupulin 3x India Pale Ale below!

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ZOOM H1 Amazon Bundle Pack Review

For about $125, there really isn’t a lot to dislike about the ZOOM H1 Bundle pack on Amazon. This is a great sounding, easy to use device. If we had critique, it would be that the device does have a bit of a flimsy feel to it. Made almost totally of plastic, the Zoom H1 (as opposed to the twice as expensive H4) is lightweight. Not sure how this device would stand up to a drop from only a few feet. It’s lightweight nature could actually be a positive for those of you doing a lot of ‘on the scene’ audio recording!

Check out our full review of what you get in the pack along with the audio example of the ZOOM H1 below!



Cuban Torpedo Cigar Review Romeo Y Julieta

For whatever reason, we’ve been on a Cuban cigar kick for the last year or so. There are just some special nuances that are found in cigars made in Cuba that aren’t found in other tobaccos: the construction, the burn, the unique creamy, slowly building flavor…well, after taking a few weeks away from cigars of any kind, we lit up this very good Cuban torpedo and it really impressed.

When a lot of smokers think ‘Cuban Belicoso’, we (I included) automatically default to either the H. Upmann #2 or the Montecristo #2, two of the more popular, highest rated torpedoes on the market. Suffice to say, we are happy we found this rather obscure stick!

Check out our review below~

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The New Two Doods Podcast!

With YouTube giving us small video bloggers the finger, we’ve decided to dip a toe into the land of Podcasting.


Podcasting is interesting as it allows for folks to listen to audio on their digital device, computer or otherwise either as stand-alone episodes or by using the Podbean player (maybe even discover some other interesting Podcasters too).



If you still want to see our ugly mugs, here’s a video version of a recent cast!

10 Questions With Tyler Connolly From Theory Of A Deadman

They’re riding high on a six-week run at #1 on the rock charts as we round out 2017, their biggest, most played and most successful debut single to date with the song ‘RX’ which talks about the dangerous of Opioid and prescription drug abuse.

In our interview below, Tyler opens up about the song ‘RX’ and his personal experience with abuse, the marked change in sound with the new album (almost devoid of the traditional hard rock guitars Theory was so famous for in albums past), deciding to do cover songs and the virtues of Kevin Bacon (Kevin Bacon?- yep…just watch till the end)!


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Have we told you how much we love bourbon as our spirit of choice? Well, we DO and we’ve got a series of side-by-side videos in the works.

Oh look, here’s one now. Both of these bourbons are premium, meaning you should be slapped like a step-child (ok, bad reference) if you mix either of these with ANYTHING!

Watch one DOOD’S review below!

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MUSIC EXCLUSIVE: Otherwise ‘Crocodile Tears’

Yes, we are some lucky bastards!

Watch our friends in the Las Vegas band Otherwise play, for the first time every acoustic the song ‘Crocodile Tears’ from their album Sleeping Lions, available now to stream, download or purchase!

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WINE REVIEW: Domaine Serene

First things first- we can sometimes get overzealous, as we did in this review. Therefore, replace the word WASHINGTON with the word OREGON anytime we say WASHINGTON in the following review…because we ain’t that smart!

Now that’s out of the way, watch our review of one of the greatest Pinot Noir wineries on the planet! Introducing the Domaine Serene winery from Dayton, Oregon. This is the first time either of us have tried a true WHITE Pinot Noir. Yep, the grapes start as one would think a Pinot grape would- with some red color. After the unique process is completed, the oak aged results are quite tasty and the wine sparkles a bit clearer even than a typical Chardonnay, Fume Blanc, Pinot Grigio, etc.

Special thanks to the fine folks at the Atlantis Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada for the invite for this exclusive wine tasting dinner event! Watch our detailed review below!


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Grammy Nominated Nothing More Talks New Album

…and to think we can say ‘…we knew them when…’ Nothing More just received more Grammy nominations than any other rock band in the 2018 event and we couldn’t be more excited!

One of the most anticipated albums of 2017 is available for ‘human consumption’ as of Friday, September 15th with Nothing More’s ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’.

This album moves like a river, with musical textures ranging from ‘rip off your head’ metal (‘The Great Divorce’) to ‘coffee shop folk’ (‘Just Say When’). At times reminiscent of modern day ‘Nu-Metal’ from bands like System Of A Down or Disturbed and at others like Classic Rock stalwarts Pink Floyd, there is literally something for every musical taste on ‘The Stories…’ album.

Like previous releases, Nothing More captures a raw emotion and power from a source of intense personal experience like few bands can. Watch our full review and discussion with singer/producer Jonny Hawkins below:


BEER REVIEW: Ommegang Game Of Thrones ‘Bend The Knee’

I really didn’t want to like this beer. First of all, it’s a bit of a novelty, branded with the Game of Thrones title. Second, it’s not a hoppy IPA style beer and I tend to dislike any of the lighter leaning brews. But you know what? Ommegang really knows their brew, and this one is a surprising champ!

Watch our review of this Belgian style honey brew below. No midget porn and no midgets were hurt in the production of this video!

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What do you do when you find yourself stuck in an eight hour layover at Phoenix International Airport? Make the most out of it and find a spot to ‘take the edge off’.

When this happened to my wife and I recently, we took the light rail just up the road to beautiful Tempe, Arizona and stumbled upon Caffe Boa (the Original location) to partake in some late afternoon grub and cocktails.

Watch our experience review with the quite personable JJ, our waiter/host for the afternoon below.

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Hotel Review: Drury Plaza San Antonio Riverwalk

Watch as we tour this legendary hotel which started as a bank in 1929 in San Antonio, Texas. The movie Blank Check was filmed here a few years back, so some of what you see might look familiar.

drury lobby

This wonderful hotel is a real bargian when staying in San Antonio being set with direct access to the famed Riverwalk, great places to get your grub on, wonderful jazz club (Bohanan’s) and much more for under $200 a night!

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