Jonathan Davis of Korn

Jonathan discusses life on the road after the death of his wife and how he keeps the kids entertained at shows. Plus, he talks about his participation in the tribute to Vinnie Paul of Pantera!


Mike Protich Of Red Sun Rising Talks New Album ‘Thread’ And Suicide Awareness

‘The Dood’ Jave Patterson caught up with Mike Protich, singer of Red Sun Rising after their Aftershock 2018 appearance to discuss the new sound of the band on their latest release ‘Thread’, cigars and the band’s effort to raise awareness about mental health and suicide, along with their new single ‘Stealing Life’.

Lake Tahoe Vodka Blind Taste Test

The American Indians always knew there was something special with Lake Tahoe and the pristine, turquoise water, but did they ever brew or distill with it?

Obviously, the final product is always the sum of its parts; crap in- crap out, but how does Tahoe Blue perform in a blind taste test with the generic Costco brand vodka. Both are highly rated, but Tahoe Blue claims to mash and distill using water from Lake Tahoe!

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How To Make Cheap Vodka Taste Like Premium!

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A Dood Talks To Erik Estrada About Motorcycles, Fame And Music

One of the nicest guys you could possibly imagine to speak with. At the end of the interview, his phone rang and his ringtone was the C.H.i.P.S. theme…we BOTH laughed!

Synyster Gates Talks New Music For Black Ops Game And More

In this podcast, Jave Patterson talks at length with Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates about the new music for the forthcoming Black Ops video game, the very public break up (and subsequent reunion) with Warner Brothers Records, the latest prognosis of singer M. Shadows, the next item on the Avenged Sevenfold bucket list and guilty musical pleasures!

Alibi Ale Works Knocks It Out Of The Park With Mr. Tartacular Line Of Sours

If you’ve jumped on the ‘sour beer train’, make the effort to go out and find this Lake Tahoe sour.

Many of their Mr. Tartacular sour beers sell out in record time and therefore, you probably can’t even find this one anymore, but it’s worth the search!

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Pineapple Tenderized Flank Steak

So, we saw a video recently talking about the many ways you can tenderize a steak. Keep in mind, this is not necessarily a marinade as we weren’t looking for ‘pineapple steak’ per-say, but rather a new method to tenderize before seasoning that didn’t involve salt.

Frankly, the result was underwhelming as the video shows, but perhaps this method would work better on a different cut of meat?

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