Tequila Review: Maestro Dobel Diamante Special Edition

Well, we recorded this video on ‘May The 4th Be With You’, started editing it on ‘Revenge Of The Fifth’ and are just now posting it on Seis De Mayo…slackers, I know!

Maestro Dobel is unique in that they do an amazing ‘Diamante’ (Diamond) tequila which has been double filtered to remove the color from the oak barrels. Believe it or not, this is NOT a ‘blanco’ (or young) tequila. This is a ‘diamond Reposado’- still warm, smoky and oaky, but void of color.


While the Total Wine website indicates the typical ‘Diamante’ retails for $89.99, we swear we got this Special Edition (made exclusively for Total Wine Nevada) for under $50.00. Whatever, it’s not an every day tequila, but certainly one of the better celebratory sipping spirits!

Watch our review and Happy Sies De Mayo!


The Art Of Coffee Cupping

…and no, it doesn’t mean ‘pour the coffee into the cup’… Coffee Cupping is a practice used by professional coffee roasters to sample and review new beans and bean blends to decide on what they like best. In a nutshell, the participant takes a bowl of fresh grounds, adds hot water at precisely 200 degrees, stirs, let’s brew for two minutes, breaks the ‘cap’, takes in the aroma, then spoons out the beverage and viciously ‘slurps’ the coffee to properly coat the palate!

Sounds like a choking hazard, I know- but it’s how the pros do it. Well, we’re not pros, but we’ll try anything once! Check out the video!


Product Review: Ninja Coffee Bar

We like our coffee and it shows! So- it’s not everyday you plop down $200 on a coffee maker. I mean, hell- most are in the $30 to $60 range, right? But, with one of us being a local coffee roaster (Andy) and the other one just having a love for coffee (Jave), you really shouldn’t skimp on perhaps the most important part of brewing a batch of great brew, right? If you’re gonna spend premium money on premium coffee beans, take the trouble to grind said beans at home, then why would you screw up the coffee chain with an inferior coffee maker? That would be like putting a Hemi in a Pinto!

While this new maker pales in comparison to Andy’s ‘Professional Coffee Machine’, it is on the high end of consumer brewers.

Here’s our review:

Meet Hot Chick #1: JILL

This is the first in a series of ‘Meet The Show- Five Questions With…’ videos. We’ll call ’em ‘Meet The Show Sunday’ as we’ll post a new video and five questions with each member every Sunday through the month of May, 2017. It’s interesting as we were talking about being vloggers recently and how fiercely private both Andy and his girlfriend Jill are. That said, it is odd that both have agreed to put pieces of their lives on display in this forum! Without further adieu, Meet JILL!


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Beer Review: Sockeye Brewing

You might see the picture above and think ‘…pink? What kind of girly beer are they making at Sockeye, and what’s with the name Sour Puss?’

Here’s my theory- in order to get your wife or girlfriend away from those stupid, sweet wine coolers or silly flavored ciders and into ‘REAL’ beer, you might need to give her a product packaged to look like something foo-foo-y!

Gotta tell you, I was skeptical at first glance, but then I tried the brew. This isn’t your mamas light, fruity beverage. My sample was the mango beer, and while you could taste a bit of mango, it was nicely hop-present. What I’m trying to say is, Sockeye ain’t for pussies! Check out the vid yo!

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The Village At Somersett Executive Par 3 Golf Review

Hangover Helper Review: The Magic Bullet

I’ve always been a believer that it doesn’t matter how much you drink, how much you mix, how much water you pace the evening imbibing out with, what kind of greasy food you ingest at the end of it all…drink too much, get a nasty hangover.

With that…I was recently invited to a new product launch event at New West Distributing, one of a few booze distributors here in Nevada. One of the first booths on site was the Magic Bullet booth which promised a ‘hangover eraser’ elixir at their table. Being one who sometimes over does it, I said ‘sure- I’ll try anything once’. My review is below.

Listen, I’ll be the first to call BS on something, especially a product that makes such claims as the Magic Bullet of providing a drink that you can actually use as a mixer with your vodka, bourbon or rum that has a unique blend of ingredients that ‘supposedly’ keeps the hangover at bay…and especially when this ‘elixir’ comes with a fairly hefty price tag of $3.99 to $4.99 each. Alas, a fairly small price to pay for the promise of no hangover the next day!

Behind the booth was Joe. Joe is the kind of guy you just want to be on your side when you are on a mission of demolition (the liver is evil and must be punished- ha!). He had all the right answers to my questions and was cool to boot!

The million dollar question: DOES IT WORK? Well, if you drank 4 Wild Turkey 101 & Dr. Pepper’s, 2 tequila shots, 1 beer and 3 glasses of wine and a large Bloody Mary built in a 2 to 1 fashion (vodka to mix) in a sitting…would YOU be hungover? Well, the next morning, not only was I not hung over, but I woke up at 7:30 a.m., much earlier than typically for a Saturday morning! BTW- I drank 1.5 Magic Bullet over the span of the night.

Frankly, I’m not much for making wholesale decisions on just one test, so more testing is necessary for full evaluation, but the initial results are intriguing. http://www.drinkmagicbullet.com for more info.

How To Make Cheap Vodka Taste Like Premium!


Snuff Review: Packard’s Club Snuff

Ah, the unique and signature taste of the Packard’s Club Snuff! This was one of the snuff products I was first introduced to many years ago, and perhaps the one I missed the most when I took a ‘pause’ in consumption. Not only is this a true original as far as flavor is concerned- strong menthol and pepper with a nice, aged tobacco taste, the delivery device as seen in the video below, is also unique. In fact, I often will recycle other snuff products into an empty Packard’s container simply due to the ease and unique delivery (the snuff comes out in a little square of snuff). Watch the video for the review!

Snuff Review: Ozona’s President

Guest reviewer Rick Metz like to say ‘Not My President’, unless he’s referring to this amazing snuff!

Alright ‘snuffheads’, this is one of the first German snuff’s I was exposed to and certainly one of the best on the market. Watch out review on the President from Poschl/Ozona. This is a small container, but a big taste- nicely balanced between sweet and ‘kick you in the nose’ pepper and plumb.

Snuff Review: Alpina

You see green- you read ‘Alpine’. This snuff may lead you to believe that it leans towards cedar or pine, when in reality the ‘bomb’ of the nose/taste is far different. Check out our review of this popular snuff from Mr. Snuff/Poschl!

The Village At Somersett Executive Par 3 Golf Review

We don’t always golf, but when we do, we like to take our ‘hot chicks’ along as caddies!


The 2017 Spring season has been anything but typical here in the Sierra Nevada! We’ve had snow and highs in the 40’s one weekend, 70+ and sun the next, wind and rain with a high in the low 50’s the next, more snow, more rain and more sun- consistently inconsistent all season so far.

Three weeks ago (on one of those sunny and 60+ degree days), Andy and I, along with the ‘hot chicks’ played our first round of 9 to warm up our season. Andy played horribly, and Jave hit 2 birdies and 4 pars. Last week, we decided to film and review the course due to the nice(er) weather and the play was reversed; Jave all but gave up on a few holes and boogied or double-boogied many holes while Andy had damn near a Par game! Here’s the proof!

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How To Make Cheap Vodka Taste Like Premium!

So, perhaps you’ve heard the rumor: put cheap vodka through a Brita filter ($30<) and get a better flavor.

We like chances to cut corners, so figured we’d try ourselves at home. Watch the video to see what happens when you do a 1x filtration of a cheap Seagram’s (1.75l = $13.99 @SavMart) and pit it against the much more expensive ‘Ultra-premium’ Ketel One vodka (.750 ml = $34.99 +).

For the purpose of this review, we sampled the non-filtered Seagram’s, filtered Seagram’s and Ketel One side-by-side and were impressed by the subtle results. Subsequent filtration (x3) yielded far more impressive results ending with a vodka that was perhaps, even BETTER than the ‘Ultra-premium’!

Legendary Trocadero Club Re-Opening Review!

Clubs come…clubs go…but here on the West Coast, it doesn’t get much more legendary than the name The Trocadero.

troc logo

The idea of the original started way back in 1934 as a hang out for Hollywood’s ‘Ultra-Elite’ on the Sunset Strip. Names like Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole, Clark Gable, or Norma Shearer, to name a few were seen there often, and in short order ‘Trocadero’ night clubs were opening up across the country, not the least of which was the one here in Reno during the gambling heyday of the 1940’s. Check out the complete history of the Trocadero here.

Well, after closing up shop here in Reno those many years ago, the Trocadero Bar and Ballroom has experienced a re-birth.

The club promises a non-genre specific entertainment platform. You’ll get everything from Rock to Hip-Hop, EDM to Country to even ‘TED-Talk-esq’ speaking engagements at the Troc’.

Check out our video below of the ‘soft opening’ and, should you future travel plans take you to Reno, or you’re a local, pay ’em a visit!


Watch Our Cuban Cigar Review Of The Sancho Panza Belicoso

Cigar Review: Lou Rodriguez Edicion Premier

Sometimes, you get lucky! We had a picture perfect day up at the amazing Lake Tahoe and captured the afternoon on film. Seven days before this video, the area had upwards to two FEET of snow. Fast-forward seven days, and we’ve got bluebird skies and 61+ degrees. We took advantage of the spring tease by grabbing some salami, smoked Gouda, Zaya rum and an amazing smoke from Lou Rodriguez. I believe this cigar is the Gordito: 6 x 60 version of the Edicion Premier- a boxed pressed Maduro with Nicaraguan binder and filler. This big (medium to full bodied), spicy smoke isn’t for the tender at heart and pairs nicely with a cup of coffee, after a great steak dinner, or simply a sunny afternoon with a nice, sweet rum!

Cigar Review: Sancho Panza Belicoso

Awe, always killer to get a gift in the mail from a friend. Thank you George Cap for passing along one of your new favorite smokes- the Sancho Panza Belicoso from Cuba. Sancho Panza started waaaaay back in 1852 in Cuba. During the 1880’s, the Ramon Allones family purchased the factory and kept the Sancho Panza name in tact. To this day, they still make a great stick. Not quite as famous at the Monte or H. Upmann torpedoes that most are measured by, the Sancho Panza packs quite the punch and can easily keep up the either of the aforementioned brands. In fact, having done a side-by-side of the Montecristo #2 and H. Upmann #2, I can say that the craftsmanship seems to be better with the Sancho Panza. Where the Upmann and Monte can get a bit spongy and hot as they smoke, the Sancho Panza kept it’s solid feel all the way through. Watch the video below for more!



Restaurant Review: Lamppost Pizza

At 40-something years young, we’ve had our fair share of pizza and wings. This establishment, being in the work ‘hood’ of Andy, has been one of his go-to places for happy hour and after work cocktails for quite a while. Andy has become such a fan, he suggested we do a review of the joint to let you know what makes Lamppost unique here on the West Coast. Watch the video below for more!

Watch the video below for our review!

Super Easy Margarita On The Rocks

With national ‘Margarita Day’ (or Margarita Week, in my household) happening last week, here’s a simple way to say ‘summer, get here fast!’.

No flash in this one…if you aren’t in the mood to get all fancy with your ‘rita, here’s a simple way to make a delicious Margarita on the rocks! The most crucial parts are using a quality, real sugar cane (look for high fructose corn syrup and AVOID) and a quality orange liquor…no need to go Grand Mariner on this, but don’t get the cheap triple sec either.

Enjoy watching below:

Cigar Review: Gurkha Grand Reserve

One of us loves flavored or infused cigars, the other thinks most are crap, however one thing we can agree on is the fact that Gurkha’s Cognac Infused Grand Reserve is neither crap nor overly flavored. Watch our review on this elegantly packaged celebratory afternoon smoke!

Scotch Review: Glenfiddich 14 Year Bourbon Barrel

This interesting find is an excellent purchase at around the $50 price point. For those of us who don’t run to Scotch as our ‘go-to’ spirit due to the mustiness of the peat moss, this one starts smooth with some peat edge and then really opens up and gets sweet with the addition of a few drops of water. Watch out review for more!

Wine Review: Pujanza Norte 2009

Technically, ‘Rioja’ is both a color (red) and region of Spain. We explain in the video below that this wine, when put up against a Sonoma cabernet sauvignon has a more ‘rust’ like appearance. While this “may” be more typical of a rioja, we stated it as a fact of the wine when in reality, that was more ‘drunk speak’ than truth. In fact, this wine is a blend of  60% Tempranillo and 40% Garnacha, Graciano, and Mazuelo. While aged in oak, the Pujanza Norte didn’t have the oak flavor of the cab. At about $100 a bottle, the Pujanza Norte isn’t an everyday drinking wine, but it is a beautiful celebratory wine with big, soft tannins and a long finish. The site Grapes Of Spain has more, including snooty ratings of this wine!

Watch the video and hear more about this wonderful Spanish find, and thanks for sharing the bottle, Dave!

Looking for an amazing wine for under $15, check out this Sofa King Bueno: Chronic Cellars Wine Review!

The Best Hot Dog On The Planet?

So, there are hot dogs and then there’s the BAM DOG! No, nothing from Emeril Lagasse here…watch the video review on what Steve and his crew have re-created. I mean, sure the hot dog with added twist of chili and cheese or fresh tomato, bright green relish and celery salt to make a traditional Chicago Dog is great, but a Bam Dog breaks the mold.

Owner Steve from Bam Dog!

Think home made, sustainable local meat with no filler in their ‘dogs’ (more like sausage instead of that old scrap meat ballpark frank you might praise god about) surrounded by a pleathora of tantalizing toppings and homemade bun. THIS is what Bam Dog! is all about.

sampling of some popular Bam Dogs!

Watch the video for more!

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