[EXCLUSIVE] Scott Stapp Of Creed Talks New Solo Album


Jave Patterson recently sat down with Scott Stapp, singer of multi-platinum artist Creed to discuss family, sobriety and new music!

Avatar’s Singer Johannes Eckerström Talks Politics And Who Would Win In A Streetfight Between Them And Mesuggah


Johannes took some time to speak with a Dood and one of his biggest fans (Jessi). We covered a wide array of topics ranging from the serious to the funny (who knew Swedish Fish weren’t Swedish at ALL!?!)…to whom he’d pick to make his street fighting gang! Check it out~

Mark Morton From Lamb Of God Talks Solo Project And Chester Bennington


The respected Metal Maestro, Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton took some time the day before his solo tour to speak with Andy and Jave about the new solo album ‘Anesthetic’. The multi-faceted (genres) album features a wide array of amazing vocalists ranging from Chester Bennington of Linkin Park to the jazzy stylings of Naeemah Maddox.

In the interview, we discuss how the partnership with Chester came about, the making of a new Lamb of God album and more!

*EXCLUSIVE* John Petrucci Of Dream Theater Interview


John Petrucci is arguably one of the most technically proficient guitarists alive today. While he can shred the metal with the best of them, he can also get bluesy, artsy, acoustic and rock with a simple groove.

On the heels of their latest release, Distance Over Time, the Dream Theater founder and guitarist took the time to speak with Jave Patterson about the long history of the band, their early influences, the key to their longevity, changes in the process of making the new album and what’s in store in 2019 and beyond!

And check out this very funny video!

Shim Moore Gets Real



Tracy Bingaman runs an addiction recovery retreat which uses Ibogaine as its core medicinal therapy for breaking addictions. The retreat is known as:

Bahamian Oasis – Addictions Interrupted

Being a fan of natural remedies and holistic approaches to addiction and mind expanding conciseness, Tracy has experimented with D.M.T., a rare substance hearlded as ‘The Spirit Molecule’  by celebrities such as Joe Rogan as a true awakening. 

In this podcast, Tracy discusses his first hand experiences with the D.M.T. ‘trip’ on not one, but two occasions.

Dustin Kensrue Of Thrice Gets Heady And Discusses New Album ‘Palms’


One of the greatest albums of 2018 has to be ‘Palms’ by Southern California’s Thrice. Check out this very personal, in-depth interview with frontman Dustin Kensrue as we cover topics ranging from writing of the new music to religion and even the finer side of Rum!

Mike Protich Of Red Sun Rising Talks New Album ‘Thread’ And Suicide Awareness


‘The Dood’ Jave Patterson caught up with Mike Protich, singer of Red Sun Rising after their Aftershock 2018 appearance to discuss the new sound of the band on their latest release ‘Thread’, cigars and the band’s effort to raise awareness about mental health and suicide, along with their new single ‘Stealing Life’.

Synyster Gates Talks New Music For Black Ops Game And More


In this podcast, Jave Patterson talks at length with Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates about the new music for the forthcoming Black Ops video game, the very public break up (and subsequent reunion) with Warner Brothers Records, the latest prognosis of singer M. Shadows, the next item on the Avenged Sevenfold bucket list and guilty musical pleasures!

Scorpions Guitarist Matthias Jobs Talks New US Tour 2018


Dood Jave Patterson spent some quality time with Matthias of the Scorpions, talking about why they decided to call it quits several years only to keep on rockin’. They also get in depth on playing deeper, older tracks in concert and what song they are burnt out on the most.

Jave Patterson Gets Disturbed With Band Bassist John Moyer


Check out this rather revealing interview with ‘The Dood’ Jave Patterson and Disturbed bassist John Moyer. In it, John discusses his time in The Union Underground, working with Mike Portnoy in Adrenaline Mob and Scott Weiland in Art of Anarchy, Geoff Tate in Operation Mindcrime, the new Disturbed album ‘Evolution’, the 2019 tour and more!

Lzzy Hale of Halestorm Talks About Pants and the Being Of ‘Uncomfortable’


Jave speaks with old friend Lzzy Hale of Halestorm to discuss their love of Reno, Nevada, why the pants she made for him should be burned and how the new song ‘Uncomfortable’ is all about giving a middle finger to the world and being YOU!