Cooking And Cocktails

Let’s get to COOKING! This page is dedicated to offering some insight on cooking tips and tricks…and just some stuff we’ve learned through years of trial and error (and yes, we’ve had a lot of errors). Hopefully we can introduce you to some new techniques, shortcuts and tricks to cook the best food possible and be known as the ‘chef’ of the house!

Check out this new method of tenderizing meat with pineapple. Does it work or does it suck? The video below has all the answers!

Two buzzed rock stars, two idiots (US!) and the competition for adoration of two hot girls…what could go wrong? Check out ROCKTAILS: Cocktails From Rockstars below:

Is it Margarita Friday yet? Here’s another ‘how to’ video on making, from scratch (no pre-mixes here) a delicious Mango Margarita!

Learn how to cook St. Louis style pork ribs from a master in the Carson City BBQ video review below!

MMMM BACON! How about bacon burgers? Just say YES…and here’s how~

Alright, we’ve got Blue Apron and Home Chef reviews under our belt. How about HelloFresh?

Looking to up your coffee game? We’re not talking break the bank coffee maker, but no run of the mill Mr. Coffee either. Check out our review of the Ninja Coffee Bar below!

Now that you have a great coffee maker, how about the full mouth feel found in the ritual of ‘Coffee Cupping’. Here’s how to execute:

MMMMM Pizza! There are a lot of choices when selecting a perfect pie. Here’s a video review from one of the more popular pizza destinations here on the West Coast- Lamppost Pizza.

How was your Margarita Day? If you hate a crappy, over-sweet ‘rita, check out this simple step-by-step guide for one a cut above the rest!

Gods Gift to hot dog lovers- check out our review of the amazing Bam Dog in Reno, Nevada. I bet our dogs beat your dogs!

We’ve now got reviews on both Blue Apron (below) and now Home Chef, two of the more popular home meal delivery companies you’ve no doubt been seeing all over the place. Is it worth it and what exactly do you get? All is revealed in the video below. WARNING: Don’t Watch When Hungry!

Check out cooking on a heated salt rock. It’s an interesting concept, however the results were wonderful. Watch the video below:

Ready to don your cowboy hat and impress all your ‘norteno’ brothers and sisters? How about some authentic Texas-Style fajitas? Watch how to get ‘er done here:

The next video takes you through how to make the best BBQ chicken breast imaginable. We’re not talking sissy boy boneless, skinless, dried out flat chicken breast here either. We’re talking ass kicking, lip smacking, smokey spicy goodness. This simple method has allowed me (Jave) to bbq a perfect chicken breast damn near every time! Watch, learn and ENJOY!

Now, how do you start the day? Bacon and eggs are nice, but try kicking it up a notch for that special someone in the home- blow their minds and knock their socks off with this imaginative omelette tutorial. Omelette’s are cool because you’re really only limited to the confines of your imagination. Cheese, bacon, ham, mushrooms, jalapenos, spinach…whatever. Put it in and get ready for heaven on a plate!

Red meat fan like us Two Doods? Have a challenge with grilling your meat and having varying degrees of success each grill? Check out our tutorial on how to make the perfect Rib-Eye steak every dang time!

Ever heard of the service Blue Apron? Check out our cooking review from one of the more interesting dishes Blue Apron helps you create!


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