Spirit Reviews

We LOVE Tequila! And it shows!! Check out our vertical taste test on Hurradura:

Check out our vodka side-by-side blind review as we venture to see if the new Tahoe Blue vodka is truly better than the Costco brand of generic vodka:

Scotch Scotch Scotch, there it goes, down into my belly…(cue Anchorman)!

While one of us does like a nice scotch, our preferred spirit is from Kentucky and it’s called Bourbon! Watch the ‘Bourbon Challenge’- two premiums going mano y mano below!

You’ll have to really search for this foreign Brandy, but the pay off is well worth it! Watch our review of Ararat Brandy Nairi 20 Brandy below!

If you’ve got the budget, we’ve got the tequila for you! Check out our side-by-side review of the Don Julio 1942 and Clase Azul as we discuss their similarities and unique differences!


We love our Tequila and it shows! On this night, we went through the Fortaleza Platinum, Reposado and Anejo. Enjoy!

Looking to kick up your Margarita? Using a solid orange liquor as a floater is paramount! Here are two 80 proof, cognac infused liquors that will do the trick!

Oh, while we love Bourbon and Scotch, there’s nothing quite like a great Tequila buzz (or flavor of well aged Reposado or Anejo for that matter!). Here are some of our favorite brands to sip right now!

Maestro Dobel Total Wine Nevada release- specially made for Total Wine in the Silver State!

Looking for a celebratory Tequila? While not for the meek (in the pocketbook) at about $100 a bottle, the Clase Azul is a brilliant Tequila. Watch our review of their Reposado- slightly sweet and full of body!

We love whisky and it shows! You’d have to subscribe to our Facebook page to know how ‘dark’ it became on this night of 15 whiskies (thanks Facebook Live!), but how about the precursor?

With all this talk of high-proof spirits, about a review of a product that claims to be a ‘Hangover Eraser’? Does it really work? Honestly, more personal testing must be done but the initial results were impressive! Check it out~

Can you make a cheap vodka taste Ultra-premium through a simple ‘at-home’ method? The answer is YES! Watch this video for all the info~

So, not sure exactly where the best place is for a Bar and Ballroom review, but the closest category it falls into (due to the Bar aspect) is right here on our Spirit Reviews page. Check out our review of the rebirth of the legendary Trocadero bar in downtown Reno, Nevada…and our idea for the official ‘Two Doods’ Trocadero cocktail!

‘Scotch, Scotch, Scotch…there it goes…down into my belly…’ to quote Anchorman! Check out our review of this interesting find.

Vodka- clean and versatile for use in many cocktail concoctions! Here’s our side-by-side blind (meaning we didn’t know exactly what brand we were tasting) sampling of three vodkas!

Meet my buddy Jonnie…Walker, that is…the elusive Spiced Road!


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