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#nasalsnuff #snuff #tobacco The custom of snuff has been around since the 17th Century, used as an aperitif at a social party or event with astute members of society. There are many types of snuff available on the market, including German, English, American, Brazilian, et al. Each snuff will vary by flavor, intensity, cut, moisture, and more. Royal Box makes a very elegant piece to allow you to carry snuff with you and a cleaner delivery method than having to pinch the snuff with fingers or place on the back of a hand to inhale. Here is our honest review on some of their well made products.



As my buddy Rick Metz would say, ‘A Fine Cigar WILL Repel The Right Kind Of People’. We agree…yes, we hate the overly sweet smell of burnt ass that emanates from those cheap Swisher Sweets or Dark and Mild cigars you get at your local gas station, and if the smell of one of our premium handmade boutique cigars is off putting to you, we probably don’t want you in our ‘club’ anyway. If you want to avoid the bad looks from folks nearby because you picked up the wrong ‘stick’, might we suggest you check out some of our cigar reviews on smokes that will actually have people asking, ‘What is that amazing smelling cigar’? No pretension found here! Smoke ’em if you got ’em:

What’s really behind the allure of a cigar from Cuba as opposed to say, Nicaragua? Watch out review of the Cuban Romeo y Julieta Belicoso to find out!

Love cigars and looking for a true, legit Cuban? Check out the ‘Cuban-centric’ Cuaba with our review below:

Here’s one tobacco related, not cigar related. If you are a smoker looking to quit, perhaps Snuff would be a good alternative! Don’t know where to start? Here’s a good entry-level snuff for you!

Here’s my (Jave) #1 ‘go to’ snuff of all time. It is very strong as far as nicotine content and can make the novice somewhat nauseous upon first (or even second) try, but WOW is it good!

Here’s the ‘President’ of all snuffs!

And another nasal snuff review…don’t let the name be the power of suggestion regarding what you’ll taste in this fruity snuff. Watch our review of Alpina below!

What more can be said about this wonderful, mild smoke, perfect for a mid-day delight? If packaging (or over-the-top packaging) makes you leery, fear not, this is a fine stick. Watch the review of the Gurkha Grand Reserve below!

Presenting the SAN CRISTOBAL QUINTESSENCE! This is a manly smoke not for the faint of heart, leaning medium to full bodied!

Often, tobacconists who have been in the game for a long time will have their own labels made for their shops. Here’s a great example of a wonderful smoke from Rod and the folks at The Tinder Box in Reno, Nevada:

Yes, it was ‘dark’ (our code word for drunk) at the time, however we had so much fun reviewing this cool smoke from Antano. No high brow cigar speak here, just raw and candid thoughts on what we tasted while smoking the Poderoso Torpedo. Hope you have as much fun watching as we did by tasting, but probably not!

La Aroma De Cuba is one of the most consistent brands on the market today. Made by the Ashton family of fine cigars, you know they’ve got to be good, and for far less than the more upscale and legendary Ashton line. Check out the review of the Monarch here!


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