Wine and Beer Reviews

Tart beers and sours have been all the rage as of late, next to hazy IPA style brews. Check out our latest sour beer review from our friends at Alibi Ale Works in Lake Tahoe!

From Cap’n Crunch to Cabernet, CG D’Arie winery is poised to take on Napa with their Old World Wines!

Best new craft brewery in the USA according to! Check out our 360 live review of Revision Brewing Company and four of their releases below!

While we love great wines, our first choice is rarely a Pinot Noir. So, why not start at the top with the award winning winery  that is Domaine Serene! Check out our review of the #3 best Pinot Noir in the world (Wine Enthusiast ’03) below.

Attention Game Of Thrones fans…or those of you looking for an unusual, perhaps collectible Christmas gift? Here’s our review of Ommegang’s ‘Bend The Knee’ Game Of Thrones limited release!

Here’s a rare find outside the actual brewery! Are you a fellow hop head? Check out our side-by-side IPA review!

Speaking of rare…we LOVE rare finds, and it doesn’t get rarer than drinking the last bottle of juice on the planet. Check out our review of the boutique VivaVino red!

Ohh, two bottles of red and three buzzed hot girls…what could possibly go wrong?

Is it WINE TIME? Check out this boutique winery that won’t break the bank!

The inventor of GoGurt, The Powerbar and even Captain Crunch has a wine…and YES, it is amazing! Meet Chaim and check out his winery C G D’Arie below!

Could this be the best winery in all of the famed Napa Valley? Watch our review of Merryvale as we discuss the history and what goes in to a quality, boutique Napa wine!

Two Merlot wines from the same area (Napa) are far apart as far as quality and taste are concerned. Is the price worth the money? See our review:

Love beer? So do we! Here’s one to try once temps cool and we get into the winter months again. Dark, malty, rich and filled with chocolate and bourbon. Here’s our take on Mammoth Brewing’s Lair of the Bear!

Check out this review from a unique Oregon company called Sockeye!

While we would never proclaim ourselves to be ‘Wine Snobs’, we do like it when a nice bottle speaks to us. Whether you are new to wine or have some experience, check out our reviews below and see if something sounds appealing to you.

Go big with this celebratory red from Spain!

Fine wine with a Rock And Roll attitude…and the price doesn’t suck either ($15 at Costco). Watch our review of the interestingly titled Sofa King Bueno from Chronic Cellars!

New for 2017, check out our review of the Scott Harvey 1869 Zin made from grapes grown in the oldest zin farm in the USA!

Fan of the rock band TOOL? Singer Maynard Keenan has a winery and we got our hands on a bottle! Check out the official review of this easy drinking Cab from the unlikely location of Arizona.

In the video below, we hang out with a real live, legitimate wine professional in training to get a pros view on some exotic, overseas juice that you may find here in the states…and yes, all that French, Italian and Spanish stuff intimidates us too!

Anytime we can find a great wine in our own backyard, so to speak we like to shout it out and let you know! Check out this review of an amazing red wine from the Sierra Foothills:

Wine and cheap ass Halloween candy left-overs? Say it IS so. Yep, many of the pairings were good to great while a few melted together like stomach acid. Check out the first in a two-part series with white wine and sweet, tangy, chewy, tart candies below and enjoy…at least take pleasure that our two ‘hot chicks’ were blindfolded!

Alright, here’s part-two of the blindfolded babes…oh, and us DOODS trying to keep the drunkerds in line! Red wine means Chocolate! How does a red work with a 100 Grand bar, or snickers, or…well, you get the idea. Check out the footage:

We love Merryvale wines, one of the ‘Cadillac’ boutique wines of the Napa Valley. Listen, this is not your typical everyday drinking wine. This, at northward of $45 a bottle, is not for the faint of heart (or pocketbook) but is an outstanding juicer. Check out our review of the Merryvale Pinot below:


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