To Roast Or Not To Roast?

Is there truth to the legend that a fresh roasted coffee bean is superior to one that has been sitting on the shelf at the grocery store for god knows how long? I’d say yes, however beauty is in the eye of the be-drinker, so to speak. Andy not only brews beer but has also recently gotten into the coffee roasting business. And, being a former military man, Andy has decided to give a portion of all proceeds to the Veteran’s Guest House, a non-profit organization that houses the families of military men and women visiting from out of town should the soldier need medical treatment. Of course, the housing is done free of charge for the user, and they are supported by the public.

What makes Warrior Roaster coffee different from what you might find elsewhere? Just check out Fluid Bed Roaster on Google. Andy roasts by Fluid Bed (think air pop corn machine on steroids) which is much different than the standard Drum roasters and arguably results in a superior roast!

Wanna get involved in lending a hand up? Check out Andy’s amazing coffee and his ‘story’ by checking out his website HERE… and WhoooRah!

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