La Aroma De Cuba- Monarch Review

I’ve had the pleasure of smoking more than my fair share of cigars over the years, thanks in part to the fact that my girlfriend (now wife) managed The Cigar Bar near the Quarry golf course in San Antonio when we were first dating some 20 years ago, and also due to my affiliation with The Cigar Station, the world’s first internet radio station programmed and designed for the cigar smoker in mind. Life has indeed, been good!

Not to take anything away from other brands (who shall remain nameless here), but I’ve often found that with many brands, some of their stuff I really love and some of their cigars don’t quite fit my smoking preference. This is NOT the case with La Aroma De Cuba. Virtually every one of their cigars has been dynamite! From construction to flavor to consistency through box, this is a brand that I don’t think I’ve ever not enjoyed.

No, I’m not sucking up here-we do this for love, not for money or free product (neither of which we’ve gotten). If you are looking for an affordable, amazing cigar to help you set the bar for the rest, La Aroma De Cuba may be just up your alley!

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