Blue Apron And Naked Wine Review

Sorry, no nudity in this review! That said, check out our ‘One Dood And A Hot Chick’ (my chef) review of the service Blue Apron. We know there are several companies that offer a similar service: pre-boxed meals sent once a week that come with a step-by-step guide so you can cook (and learn new techniques) at home. Blue Apron is the first we’ve tried and so far, the recipes have been very interesting. Many of them tend to lean with an eastern flair (think Curry!) and some are just downright odd, like this bean and broccoli burger! Don’t let the pix fool you as the photos originally taken were blurred and we tossed the recipe because while good, it wasn’t one of our favorites.


Blue Apron costs us about $60 a week for three meals for two delivered by 10p (mostly) on the requested day. The veggies tend to be organic and sustainably sourced, however the protein portions can often be small, especially when it comes to chicken.

Note that these dishes are amazing, more often than not. However, each meal takes about an hour to prepare and cook, so you have to account for time. Blue Apron isn’t a huge money saver nor time saver, but it will give knowledge to the cooking curious in the family, so we take it as a culinary learning experience.

Enjoy the video and check out our Cooking page for more!

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