Sofa King Bueno: Chronic Cellars Wine Review!

‘WOW’ is one word to describe this amazing, complex and inexpensive Paso Robles blend of five different varietals that make up the interestingly titled Sofa King Bueno red wine from Chronic Cellars.


Truth be known, my wife and I (Allison and Jave) visited this winery many years ago based on a tip from our friends, the SLO based Cork Dorks: We instantly became members! We found the winery to be an eclectic mix of tasting room and south-of-the-border bar that brought to mind the Cabo Wabo Cantina. Inside the tasting room we discovered a rock-and-roll soundtrack, pool table, hip fashion and the most bizarrely titled wine labels such as ‘Dead Nuts’, ‘Love Machine’, ‘Robyn Cradles’ and the now out of circulation ‘Mr. Nibbles’.


The winery was founded by the sons of the folks who own the lauded Peachy Canyon winery, also in Paso. Peachy is known for super-premium wines in the more traditional winery setting, so this was obviously the younger ones chance to do something complimentary to the family pride, however with their fresh new approach and attitude.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a few of the Chronic Cellars wines available at our local Costco here in Reno, Nevada and quickly snapped up a bunch.

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