Home Chef Home Delivery Review

There are some unique differences between Blue Apron and Home Chef. Here are the biggest ones:

  1. Blue Apron is more interesting, utilizing non-traditional methods, meats, spices and overall ideas. Many meals included a curry paste or Indian inspiration. Home Chef appears to be more ‘American’ in style (think meat and potatoes).
  2. Blue Apron ships in much bigger boxes with larger freezer packs, in fact they are about half the size of Home Chef.
  3. Home Chef meals take between 25 and 45 minutes to prepare, from package to plate while Blue Apron averaged 40 minutes to an hour plus to prepare.
  4. Either the food was just tastier or the portions bigger, but Blue Apron’s meals for two regularly fed three persons and there is rarely anything left over when we make meals from Home Chef.

Check out the reveal and start to finish entree cook by watching the video below!

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