How To Make Cheap Vodka Taste Like Premium!

So, perhaps you’ve heard the rumor: put cheap vodka through a Brita filter ($30<) and get a better flavor.

We like chances to cut corners, so figured we’d try ourselves at home. Watch the video to see what happens when you do a 1x filtration of a cheap Seagram’s (1.75l = $13.99 @SavMart) and pit it against the much more expensive ‘Ultra-premium’ Ketel One vodka (.750 ml = $34.99 +).

For the purpose of this review, we sampled the non-filtered Seagram’s, filtered Seagram’s and Ketel One side-by-side and were impressed by the subtle results. Subsequent filtration (x3) yielded far more impressive results ending with a vodka that was perhaps, even BETTER than the ‘Ultra-premium’!

By twodoodsreviews

Two regular guys just sharing the love of great cigars, wines, food, entertainment and the like- then telling you if we find something that sucks!

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