The Village At Somersett Executive Par 3 Golf Review

We don’t always golf, but when we do, we like to take our ‘hot chicks’ along as caddies!


The 2017 Spring season has been anything but typical here in the Sierra Nevada! We’ve had snow and highs in the 40’s one weekend, 70+ and sun the next, wind and rain with a high in the low 50’s the next, more snow, more rain and more sun- consistently inconsistent all season so far.

Three weeks ago (on one of those sunny and 60+ degree days), Andy and I, along with the ‘hot chicks’ played our first round of 9 to warm up our season. Andy played horribly, and Jave hit 2 birdies and 4 pars. Last week, we decided to film and review the course due to the nice(er) weather and the play was reversed; Jave all but gave up on a few holes and boogied or double-boogied many holes while Andy had damn near a Par game! Here’s the proof!

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