Five Basic Coffee Hacks Every Coffee Lover Needs To Know

Now that the weather is warming up in the Northern Hemisphere, you may find yourself tempted to sit out on the porch in the early morning, sipping on the nectar of the gods and watch the sun rise. Well nothing will screw that up faster than a crappy cup of bitter java. In fact, the essentials include a great coffee like Warrior Roasters, a quality burr grinder (avoid blade grinders as they tend to actually cook your coffee and impart bitterness) and a great, premium coffee maker (see our review on the Ninja Coffee Bar at the end of this article).

coffee 2

Here are five coffee hacks as stolen from Buzzfeed:

1.  Let your coffee cool down for a few minutes before you drink it.  A few different studies have found it tastes better that way.  If it’s super hot, it tends to taste stronger, and a little more bitter.

2.  If it still tastes bitter, add a pinch of salt.  You can add it to the coffee grinds, or just sprinkle some in your cup after you brew it.  Some people swear by it.  And it can save calories, because you won’t need as much cream to cut the bitterness.

3.  Save money by making your own flavored creamer.  Just add a few drops of vanilla extract or hazelnut extract to some half-and-half.  It should taste pretty close, and it’s a lot healthier.  A lot of those store-bought creamers have trans fats and a ton of sugar.

4.  Make your own frothy milk in the microwave.  Just pour some milk in a mason jar . . . shake it up . . . take the lid off . . . and nuke it for about 30 seconds.  Then spoon it onto your coffee so it looks like a cappuccino.

5.  Stop Storing Your Beans In the Freezer! For whatever reason, I grew up watching my folks store their beans in the freezer thinking that this would help them stay fresher longer. Well, hate to break it to you, but it’s simply not true! The only thing the freezer is going to do is keep them colder, not fresher. In fact the best way to store your beans is in an air-tight container (should you look to grind ’em and use ’em within seven days) or in the bag they were purchased in as coffee beans will give off gas that really should escape, while not allowing air in. Keep your coffee container in a cool, dry environment, away from the stove and sunlight. has some nifty coffee storing containers on the cheap (less than $10).

Want more? Buzzfeed offers a full 21 tips here!


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