Music Review: Red Sun Rising ‘Polyester Zeal’

Once every few years, a new band gets a shot at national exposure and changes the musical landscape for the better. For the years 2014 and 2015, there were two that really struck a cord, not only with me but also for the million’s of new fans who discovered their music. The first of these is the Akron, Ohio based band ‘Red Sun Rising’. To their acclaim, they are the first new rock band since Trapt to have scored two #1 singles from their debut album; a tough feat considering the proliferation of streaming services and song downloads!

Emerging onto radio station playlists with the haunting first notes of the track ‘The Otherside’, reminiscent of early Alice In Chains, the song immediately drew people in. Upon hearing ‘The Otherside’, and much like the days of my youth, curiosity made me want to get a hold of the entire album to see if this was just a lucky track (which has been known to happen ie. One Hit Wonder) or if this band was the real deal.

Having a career in radio, it has long been important to me, before investing airtime in a band, that I have a good idea of their long-term shelf life potential, meaning ‘does this band stand a chance to become, due to the strength of the entire album and number of great songs, a “CORE” artist to the future of my radio station brand? For smart radio operators, this is a good question to ask. To my delight, the album has legs; there is a ton of great material to play and listen to!

Adding to that, their live shows are unbelievable. In fact, having seen thousands of acts rise from baby bands to super-stardom, typically they hit the ground running, but late in the tour, while the music may be tighter, the singer has a tougher time hitting those high notes and nailing each performance. Red Sun Rising is not that band. In fact, they sounded far better the last time I saw them (2 years into a constant touring schedule) than they did the first time I got to see them play. The musicianship was tighter, and the vocals were at an 11!

Check out our review of ‘Polyester Zeal’, song by song to get a glimpse of what is under the surface and beyond the fray of what only gets commercial exposure. Vocalist Mike Protich really shines on tracks like ‘Blister’, ‘My Muse’ and ‘Bliss’.

Hope you enjoy!

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