Bacon And Chorizo Burger Review

Brother Dave and Jave got together recently to make true bacon burgers! Now we’re not talking about any ol’ hamburger with bacon on top. We’re talking two pounds of raw bacon, thrown through a meat grinder and mixed with two pounds of ground beef for one hell of a tasty burger! Even if you don’t own a meat grinder, you can still chop the bacon by hand. Tip: put the bacon in the freezer for 20-30 minutes prior to chopping to make it easier to cut through, and use a very sharp knife!

Here’s another tip: You know how bacon really shrinks up when frying in a pan? Well, your bacon burger will do something similar, so make sure the patties are bigger than your normal, everyday average hamburger.


As a bonus, we also cooked up some chorizo burgers using basque chorizo, not that uber-red, oily Mexican stuff you’d find at your local grocer. Now, I’m not saying the store-bought Mexican chorizo wouldn’t be bad, it just may be ultra-messy.



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