Music Review: Greta Van Fleet ‘Black Smoke Rising’ EP

The term ‘overnight sensation’ isn’t thrown around too often in today’s rock musical climate, but that is a proper moniker for the Michigan band Greta Van Fleet! Their first single ‘Highway Tune’ quickly consumed American rock radio airwaves in short order and they are now the new ‘buzz band’ to watch.

Frankly their EP ‘Black Smoke Rising’ is worthy of the praise; a gritty mix of Led Zeppelin and The Black Crows. The fact that the band is comprised of three brothers and one outsider (who considers himself part of the ‘brother’ family) and that they are all quite young (two are 18 and two are 21) is an important part of the Greta story.

Perhaps due in part to the success of artists like The Black Keys, Royal Blood, Kings of Leon and their somewhat retro vibe, or possibly an answer to the 2000’s ‘Nu Metal’ rut that a lot of rock’s more recent superstars (Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Seether, Linkin Park), the Greta Van Fleet sound, while a distinct throwback to the more blues-based sound of the 70’s is a refreshing shift in the rock musical landscape.

Watch our candid discussion with the band as we review their EP ‘Black Smoke Rising’ below:

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