Update: Album Review Teaser: Nothing More ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’

Every once in a while a band comes along to challenge a genre, a consensus or just themselves. The San Antonio, Texas based band Nothing More did just that back in 2013 when they released their self-titled album and hit the road in hopes of being ‘discovered’, which they promptly did.

By 2014, the band was signed to Eleven Seven music and re-released their ‘Nothing More’ album (their 5th release, by the way- the rest were self-produced by the band). The album was well received, garnering three top-10 U.S. singles for the band on American Rock Radio. Furthermore, the ability for charismatic front man Jonny Hawkins to captivate the audience through his physically intense on-stage antics and unique stage props like a 360 degree bass guitar contraption earned them respect among their touring peers.

The new album ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ (available September 15th) is one of the most anticipated releases of 2017. We caught up with singer Jonny Hawkins to dissect the album track by track and will be releasing the full interview/review ahead of the official September album release date. In the meantime, enjoy not one but two video reviews of the two new songs released a few weeks ago from Nothing More as part of our ‘Music Review Thursday’ series!

On July 13th, Nothing More released another song from the new album titled “Let ‘Em Burn”. Here’s the latest teaser on that track along with some intimate background info on the song!

Here’s Jonny and us talking about the first official single, ‘Go To War’:


…and here is the longer video review, talking about the making of the uniquely sounding ‘Don’t Stop’:

Here’s the latest Nothing More excerpt from August 3rd, 2017!

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