Beer Review: Outrigger And Sploosh

We hung out at a place called Mellow Fellow in Reno, Nevada during the Reno Bites Week, a week designated to spotlight, raise awareness and support the Northern Nevada culinary scene. Many restaurants had featured $10, $20 and $30 dishes during the week and some had special events like Mellow Fellow. Here, they did a ‘Hit The Road Bottle Share’ event whereby, patrons could ‘donate’ an interesting, perhaps rare beer to the community fund (vats of bottles) and anybody could sample what they wished from these tubs of beer! The folks at Mellow Fellow drove into California to grab two beers that aren’t sold in stores as the breweries making the beers sell out almost as soon as production is done.

beer review

Watch as we taste two IPA style beers; the  Outrigger Beer, from Moonraker Brewery outside of Auburn CA, and Sploosh Beer from Fieldwork Brewing Company from outside of San Francisco.

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