Grammy Nominated Nothing More Talks New Album

…and to think we can say ‘…we knew them when…’ Nothing More just received more Grammy nominations than any other rock band in the 2018 event and we couldn’t be more excited!

One of the most anticipated albums of 2017 is available for ‘human consumption’ as of Friday, September 15th with Nothing More’s ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’.

This album moves like a river, with musical textures ranging from ‘rip off your head’ metal (‘The Great Divorce’) to ‘coffee shop folk’ (‘Just Say When’). At times reminiscent of modern day ‘Nu-Metal’ from bands like System Of A Down or Disturbed and at others like Classic Rock stalwarts Pink Floyd, there is literally something for every musical taste on ‘The Stories…’ album.

Like previous releases, Nothing More captures a raw emotion and power from a source of intense personal experience like few bands can. Watch our full review and discussion with singer/producer Jonny Hawkins below:


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