Revision Brewing Four Beer Review

Revision Brewing Company is taking the US and world by storm with their amazing beers, including the much lauded double IPA and Dr. Lupulin triple IPA!

revision 2

To say their IPA’s are amazing is an understatement. In under a year, Revision has already been named #3 New Craft Brewery in the world and, by default the #1 new craft brewery in the USA (#1 and #2 are both European breweries).

Revision is lead by Jeremy Warren, founder of the now famous Knee Deep Brewing company near Sacramento, California. Jeremy, a Reno, Nevada native decided a few years ago to sell his stock in Knee Deep and make the move back over the Sierra Nevada pass and come back home to Reno and try to create ‘magic in a bottle’ once again, this time under the name Revision!

Check out our 360 Live video review of the Blonde, Sparkle Muffin Hazy IPA, Revision Double IPA and Dr. Lupulin 3x India Pale Ale below!

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