St. Patrick’s Day Week In Review

We cover a myriad of topics in this episode, like the guy who went to court to prove that he was indeed alive…and LOST, steering wheels coming off Ford vehicles while driving, March Madness, magic mushrooms, St. Patrick’s Day traditions and why the ‘Doods’ hated what the girls loved when it came to Apple Irish Whiskey!

By the way, do NOT wish somebody the ‘luck of the Irish’ today, as the Irish had horrible luck, with multiple wars, poverty, disease, etc. over the years.

Instead, tell them to kiss your Blarney Stone!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from us Doods~

Support our lazy asses, will ya?

By twodoodsreviews

Two regular guys just sharing the love of great cigars, wines, food, entertainment and the like- then telling you if we find something that sucks!

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