So, we’ve been working hard over here producing content for your viewing and listening pleasure. Alas, we all feel the pocketbook pinch.


We know, we know…it all looks like fun and games, reviewing stuff we like (and some we don’t) but honestly, these videos (and now audio) take time, money and resources…and TIME…did we mention time…to produce for you. Equipment breaks down, malfunctions or becomes obsolete, web hosting and podcast hosting is expensive, yada, yada, yada.

It all adds up to the simple fact that we cannot go on in perpetuity without at least making a few dimes to help cover our hard and soft (time) costs.

We’re on a three year plan, meaning either we have a glimmer of revenue hope at the end of the run and we continue, or we just stop in another few years. It’s really all up to you.

We’ve got some fun, funny and cool things to bribe you with too. Please consider, if you enjoy our musings, donating to the cause to keep us afloat, will ya.


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