Episode 9: Tres Cubanos Cigar Review


In this podcast, we do a 3-way cigar review of some nice Cuban cigars, including: Saint Luis Ray Regios (a robusto style cigar), Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 (also robusto style) and the Cuban H. Upmann Epicure, a small 35 ring guage cigar.

Both the robusto style smokes are highly (94+) rated cigars. The Saint Luis Ray had a more attractive build than the Juan Lopez with a more velvety touch (the Juan Lopez was a bit toothy and veiny). The H. Upmann had an incredible feel, however an overly tight draw.

All three cigars had that signature earthy, creamy, leathery Cuban flavor.

Music Review: Seether ‘Poison The Parish’

For their 7th album, Shaun Morgan and Seether have really dug deep. When I say ‘deep’, I mean in the dark way, stirring up emotions and notions of mental and personal challenges many of us face on a daily basis over a lifetime; love, loss, lack of self confidence, suicidal thoughts, anger, depression, hopelessness et al. This is NOT a ‘feel-good’ album!

Since 2002, Seether has been a workhorse band, continually cycling through writing, releasing an album, touring and right back to writing again. It’s no secret that front-man Shaun Morgan has fought with his demons, ultimately leading to the break up of his highly publicized relationship with Evanescence’s singer Amy Lee and subsequent stint in rehab in 2006 for alcoholism.

Prior to its release, Seether indicated that this was the ‘heaviest album they’ve ever written’, and arguably, it is. Watch the video below for our take!

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Snuff Review: Packard’s Club Snuff

Ah, the unique and signature taste of the Packard’s Club Snuff! This was one of the snuff products I was first introduced to many years ago, and perhaps the one I missed the most when I took a ‘pause’ in consumption. Not only is this a true original as far as flavor is concerned- strong menthol and pepper with a nice, aged tobacco taste, the delivery device as seen in the video below, is also unique. In fact, I often will recycle other snuff products into an empty Packard’s container simply due to the ease and unique delivery (the snuff comes out in a little square of snuff). Watch the video for the review!