Snuff Review: Packard’s Club Snuff

Ah, the unique and signature taste of the Packard’s Club Snuff! This was one of the snuff products I was first introduced to many years ago, and perhaps the one I missed the most when I took a ‘pause’ in consumption. Not only is this a true original as far as flavor is concerned- strong menthol and pepper with a nice, aged tobacco taste, the delivery device as seen in the video below, is also unique. In fact, I often will recycle other snuff products into an empty Packard’s container simply due to the ease and unique delivery (the snuff comes out in a little square of snuff). Watch the video for the review!

By twodoodsreviews

Two regular guys just sharing the love of great cigars, wines, food, entertainment and the like- then telling you if we find something that sucks!

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