Single Life, Brandy And Cookies Keys To Long Life?

Us ‘Doods’ believe in the mantra of ‘Everything In Moderation’. A nice cigar to take the edge off the day and lower blood pressure, a good sipping spirit, fun mixed drink, glass of wine and great meal with friends all help increase our happiness factor. That’s part of the reason for our hobby of doing review videos on just about anything, but mostly things we can do with friends.

The oldest woman alive was recently asked about her secret to longevity, which is one we may all ask ourselves. At 117 years of age, Italian Emma Morano has done and seen a LOT; living through three centuries (1800’s, 1900’s and now 2000’s), many times of war and peace. While she doesn’t really reveal much about her social life, she does attribute some of her longevity to the fact that she made the conscious decision not to be dominated by anyone after the death of her only child and divorce from an abusive husband back in 1939. She claims that her diet is restricted to two eggs, brandy and cookies, as she doesn’t have any teeth left to consume heavier foods.


Emma does not eat meat as she’s concerned with cancer (not sure where that correlation came from) and doesn’t invite people over, however they do come from around the world to visit the oldest woman alive today.

Check out the entire story and video here.


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