Top Eating Trends In 2016

Why are there so many pictures of toast? Redbook just released its ’13 Healthy Food…’ trends that supposedly ‘everybody’ was obsessed with in 2016 and toast is featured in the top 3, featuring avocado, ricotta and sweet potato leading the top of the heap for the…well, topping!


Now, when you think healthy eating, bread usually doesn’t come up top of mind. Maybe the good fats from the avocado balance out all the carbs in bread…or maybe it’s just wishful thinking- who knows? This much I do know- my wife is obsessed with avocado toast, so maybe there is something to this story.

The other interesting items include:

  • Zoodles- A veggie pesto pasta topped with stuff like roasted cherry tomatoes.

  • Matcha Desserts- Ok, I’d call this frozen yogurt made out of some foreign green tea leaf. Think the poop emoji but greener! Green tea = HEALTHY…uh, right?
  • Egg-ocados- Alright, this one looks like something to try. Hollowed out avocado skin with seasoned fried egg cooked right inside. Yes please!

  • Avocado Fries- C’mon, really? The good fat and the bad fat, all combined into one. I’ll stick with the french variety.

  • Avocado Buns- This one is just plain stupid. Think a healthy burger, made oh-so-easy to eat by replacing the burger buns with the two sides of a slimy, soft avocado. Just give me a salad with ground beef on top and we’ll call it even.

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