Tequila Review: Clase Azul

This doesn’t come out of the liquor closet often but when it does, MAN- what a treat! Perhaps one of the finest tequila’s us DOODS have ever tried, it is on the pricey side at over $100 for a 1l bottle (and about $75 or so for the .5), but worth every sip!

We’d love to have the budget for the Anejo, but gotta say this Reposado is everything a wonderful tequila should be. Smooth, creamy, bright, smoky and oakey.

As stolen from the Clase Azul website: Clase Azul is aged in used American oak barrels for eight months after it has gone through the distillation process. Each bottle is made with high quality white ceramic and then hand painted by artisans in our bottling facility.


Our bottle is pink as a portion of their proceeds benefit Breast Cancer Awareness. Check out our review!

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