Five Whisky Review

We were very lucky to have recently been invited to a ‘Whiskies Of The World’ whisky cocktail and food pairing by Tracie Barnthouse, Communications Manager at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. They do these kinds of events every few months, ranging from whisky and tequila tastings to beer and wine dinners. This one was sponsored by Jim Beam, so all the products tasted were on the JB label. Take a look at the night’s menu:


Wow, some amazing and interesting stuff there! From what we recall, we had a great time! I mean, we started with 10 drinks, then added another 5 plus a glass of wine on top of it during the dinner. Suffice to say, we were buzzed by the end (thank you LYFT!). Thankfully, we captured the pre-‘dark’ moments in the video below, where we sample and review each unique whisky along with a cocktail made by Bistro Napa/Atlantis ‘mixologist’ Casey Hall (total ROCKSTAR, btw) using said spirit.

We also learned that there are four basic whiskies: American (bourbon or blended), Scottish (Scotch), Irish and Japanese…and we learned that Andy still thinks Scotch sucks!

Check out the video~

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