It Doesn’t Work For Shit: Ep. 1: Viddyoze Software Review

It’s always nice to find software that makes a video producers life a bit easier, however when you get duped into buying something that doesn’t perform as advertised and is clunky to boot, then becomes a spam-artist, it really pisses you off. Such is the case with Viddyoze!

They hard sell you with a slick video presentation, showing a ton of amazing graphics and promising ease in use as the hook, then sell immediacy with a ‘limited time offer’ for those who want to buy out the program (many software programs are subscription based with monthly fees). Buyer beware: there is little to no mention of a ‘premium’ package available when you do the buy out, thus making the purchaser think they get all these slick lights, bells and whistles for one low fee with access forever.

Truth be known, the templates are limited at best, with many of the same template in multiple categories, there is no way to preview your production, you can render multiple items at once and the site often crashes. In a nutshell:

IT DOESN’T WORK FOR SHIT! Here’s the proof in the spoiled pudding:


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