Amusement Park Review: California’s Great America

There are two big amusement park operators here in the USA: Cedar Fair and Six Flags (Disney and Universal not withstanding). While I’ve only been to one Cedar Fair park, I can tell you the charm exists in the former, and not so much in the latter. Yes, Six Flags has some amazing rides at some of their parks. Magic Mountain north of Los Angeles and Fiesta Texas in San Antonio have truly stand-out attractions, and Six Flags Over Texas was one of the first big amusement parks I had gone to as a kid, along with Astroworld across from the old Astrodome in Houston (both of which are now memories of the past and no longer exist. This said, there’s not much nostalgia found at Six Flags parks today, while Great America still has a bit of that old school charm.

Coaster enthusiasts, prepare to be ‘awed’ while you watch out review of the South Bay’s best, California’s Great America!

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