Halloween Candy And Wine

So, in 2016 as one of our first videos, we decided to blindfold our lady friends and have them rate different kinds of Halloween candy with different wines (one white and one red).

To keep things yummy, we paired the whites with the tart, chewy, fruity candies like Mike & Ike, Sour Patch Kids, Starburst and Gobstoppers. The reds were paired with traditional chocolate candies like Snickers, Twix and Mound’s bite-sized (fun-sized) bars. The results of our blindfold ‘study’ can be seen below.

If you are curious and won’t take our word for it, here is what the professionals at Vivino have to say regarding the parings of Halloween candy and wine!

Those of you pervs who just want to see two hot girls eat candy and drink wine while blindfolded- here ya go!




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