Armenian Brandy Review

Some claim the French make the best Brandy (Cognac) while the Armenian’s would beg to differ. While we haven’t reviews any Brandies or Cognac’s here yet, we’ve had a few and must admit, this rare Brandy is quite the treat.

One thing I’ve noticed with French (and American) Brandy is their heat (palate burn) and lack of residual sugars. Most aren’t incredibly sweet, frankly.

This one however, is quite different. Honestly, my friend (and guest DOOD in the video Jeff) had an unopened bottle of Zaya Rum in his ‘booze room’ and this Brandy hearkened back to that dark sugar cane and alcohol taste of Rum much more than it reminded me of a hot Brandy.

Watch below as we review this 20 year old Ararat Brandy Nairi!

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One thought on “Armenian Brandy Review

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