Amador Cabernet Maker Has Sights Set On Rivaling Napa Reds

Throughout the course of a lifetime, you’ll (hopefully) run across more than a few people who blow your mind with their knowledge, creativity and pioneering spirit. Such is the case with our friend Chaim Gur-Arieh of CG D’Arie Vineyards.


Chaim is a food scientist who holds the patent for creating Cap’n Crunch, along with the Powerbar and Gogurt! From Crunch to Cabernet, Chaim has a goal of displacing Napa as the leading region in the USA for amazing Cabernet Sauvignon.

Check out our vertical review of three cabs from CG D’Arie below, and check out Chaim’s blog on their website here.

Armenian Brandy Review

2 replies to “Amador Cabernet Maker Has Sights Set On Rivaling Napa Reds

  1. You guys have to get your facts straight. The oldest wine region in the US is either Florida or Virginia followed by Pennsylvania. And wine legs give you an idea of the alcohol content. They have nothing to do with sugar. C’mon guys. These are pretty simple facts. Chaim is a buddy of mine and I represent his wines in our area(s) so I appreciate you doing this, but get the proper info out there please.


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