Legendary Trocadero Club Re-Opening Review!

Clubs come…clubs go…but here on the West Coast, it doesn’t get much more legendary than the name The Trocadero.

troc logo

The idea of the original started way back in 1934 as a hang out for Hollywood’s ‘Ultra-Elite’ on the Sunset Strip. Names like Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole, Clark Gable, or Norma Shearer, to name a few were seen there often, and in short order ‘Trocadero’ night clubs were opening up across the country, not the least of which was the one here in Reno during the gambling heyday of the 1940’s. Check out the complete history of the Trocadero here.

Well, after closing up shop here in Reno those many years ago, the Trocadero Bar and Ballroom has experienced a re-birth.

The club promises a non-genre specific entertainment platform. You’ll get everything from Rock to Hip-Hop, EDM to Country to even ‘TED-Talk-esq’ speaking engagements at the Troc’.

Check out our video below of the ‘soft opening’ and, should you future travel plans take you to Reno, or you’re a local, pay ’em a visit!


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